About Us

While Mile Post 19 Farm’s original owners were developing the farm beginning in 2008, we were sidled up to our desks in downtown Seattle, a world away from farming in Coupeville. On weekends we frequently traveled to Whidbey Island to enjoy our sweet spot on Penn Cove, and on our way, we passed by and admired the little farm on SR 20 with its iconic red barn.

So how did we end up as the owners of this delightful farm? Our zest for a healthier lifestyle and our shared passion for all things food led us to purchase the farm in 2013 when the opportunity arose. The prospect of growing and creating wonderful food was just too much for us to pass up. Now two years into it, we couldn’t be happier to be part of the local agricultural and “slow food” community.

We knew that farming is a risky business and we have learned firsthand just how risky it is. While we delighted in our first raspberry harvest in the summer of 2014, weather and soil conditions have necessitated a move away from exclusively raspberry production. We are currently going through a transition as we shift our raspberry-focused product line to a more diversified business. But don’t worry, not everything is changing – we have a large supply of berries (and will source more from other non-spray or organic growers), so we can continue to offer Mile Post 19 Farm’s ever-so-popular line of raspberry products. And the peony field is looking great, so you can look forward to more beautiful bouquets of peonies when they’re in season!

We’re working hard to determine what happens next at the farm. Our love for flowers will most certainly result in growing more varieties, and we’ll be planting a selection of food crops. And since our love of food extends well beyond growing it, you can be assured that we’ll be creating all kinds of food sensations!

As we’ve been moving through these major changes we’ve been ever so grateful for the tremendous support we’ve received from our customers and our community. We’re as eager as you to see what happens next at the farm! To stay up-to-date on our goings on, check our Facebook page where we’ll post information on our progress, store openings, etc.

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Michele, Jerry and Izzabella the Farm Dog

Us in front of Store